East Friesian

East Friesians originated in Germany and are the Holsteins of sheep, producing more milk than any other breed in the world. Most ewes average around 600-800 lbs of milk during a 220 day lactation. However, it is not uncommon to have individuals producing over 1000 lbs of milk during a lactation. Friesian ewes generally weigh between 150-200 lbs. 

East Friesians are believed to be closely related to the Northern European Short Tailed breeds like the Finn, Icelandic, and Romanov due to their most distinguishing physical feature, their "rat tail". Unlike most breeds the Friesian's tail is covered in a fine short hair not unlike what you might find on a Finn or Shetland, only much longer. Like most Northern European Short Tailed breeds, East Friesians are very prolific averaging 2.25 lambs per ewe.
These large, graceful ewes also produce a fine bulky fleece of medium to long staple. Most ewes shear a fleece that weighs 10-12 lbs., with a clean wool yield of  about 65% and a fineness of 50/56s / 48/50s. East Friesian wool is GREAT FOR FELTING!!! It can also be spun into a lovely, bouncy yarn, perfect for knitting. Friesian wool also comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.  With over 150 natural colored Friesian ewes, we have the right fleece or roving for your next project, with colors ranging from the darkest blacks to the lightest greys.

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 some ewes even have wattles